About the Awards

The Department of Tourism, Government of Tamil Nadu proudly launches the first ever Tamil Nadu State Tourism Awards, a celebration of success, leadership and innovation in the tourism industry of the state.

The Awards shall be presented to various tourism stakeholders annually as a part of the World Tourism Day celebrations with the first edition to be hosted on 27-Sep-2024.

The stakeholders’ contribution to Tamil Nadu tourism shall be recognized with awards to the best performers in various verticals. This would increase healthy competition and breed creative ideas for improvement. The awards will be presented to tour operators, airlines, accommodation units, restaurants, guides and other tourism enterprises contributing to the promotion of tourism in the state.

The Hon'ble Minister of Tourism, in 2021-22, announced that the Awards will be conferred on various tourism stakeholders to recognise their contribution in developing Tamil Nadu Tourism sector.

The inaugural edition of these prestigious awards took place on 27th September 2022, coinciding with World Tourism Day, at Kalaivanar Arangam in Chennai. The Second edition of Tamil Nadu Tourism Awards 2023 was held on 27th September 2023 at Kalaivanar Arangam. The event included top stakeholders from the Tourism and Hospitality field.

Now, the Third Edition of Tamil Nadu Tourism Awards 2024 is to be hosted on the occasion of World Tourism day on 27-Sep-2024 .

Around 50 awardees to be recognised for their exceptional efforts and achievements in the field. These awards serve as a platform to recognise vital contributions of individuals across various fields of the tourism sector such as tour operations, transport operators, accommodation units, restaurants, tourist guides, and other tourism enterprises that play a significant role in promoting and enhancing tourism in the state. By appreciating the best performers in different verticals, the awards foster healthy competition and inspire innovative ideas for continuous advancements in the industry

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